Grilled Salmon Bento

Grilled Salmon Bento

Many Japanese make bento every morning for ourselves or our families. Although my kids are grown up now, it was my routine as well, when they were students. I sometimes felt that it was tough as a working mother. What the most difficult thing for me was deciding what to make for daily bento. I didn’t mind throwing leftovers in my bento box. However, when it comes to bento for my kids, I cared about it. Although I put some leftovers in their bento boxes as side dishes, I always made something new because I didn’t want to make my kids disappointed.

I personally think that deciding what to make for bento might be more difficult than what to make for dinner. There are some tips for making bento nicely.

  • The dish for bento should be delicious when it gets cold.
  • Don’t use perishable food.
  • Hot food spoils quickly, so be sure to allow it to cool completely before packing.
  • Don’t use food that contains a lot of moisture.
  • Try to add colorful food, especially red, green and yellow colors to make your bento appetizing.
  • Filling in the gaps is important to keep your bento neat. Prepare small food to fill in the gaps.

Based on them, I was always thinking about new ideas for bento.

Today I’m going to show you one of my bento ideas using grilled salmon. This bento is familiar to Japanese people as 鮭弁 (shake-ben or sake-ben) for a long time. Any bento shops provide this bento at a reasonable price. It might be one of the reasons for the popularity of it.

Salmon is the most consumed fish in Japan. The best season for salmon is autumn because they’re the fattest from September to November. But now, it’s available year-round, and many kinds of salmons line up at the market. There’s a variety of sizes, when it comes to filleted salmon that you can choose from for your bento.

I usually grill salmon with a special grill which most of the Japanese built-in kitchens have under a stove.

This is made for grilling fish and has been used for a long time. It’s one of the characteristics of reflecting Japanese food culture. However, it seems the number of people using this grill is decreasing according to the changing of Japanese dietary habits. Nowadays, this function has been improved so we can cook other foods, such as meats and vegetables. It’s also convenient to bake a pizza as it has a strong flame. In other ways, many people cook salmon with a frying pan. So please cook your salmon in your usual way after sprinkling some salt.

Today, I’m going to add dashi maki tamago, hijiki no gomokuni and hourensou no gomaae as side dishes.

Here are links for each recipe.

Other ingredients I used for this bento are below.

This is just one of my ideas, you can substitute anything for these ingredients.

Let’s pack these dishes into a bento box!

Gliled Salmon Bento

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  • Fill one side of the bento box with the rice.
  • Put hijiki no gomokuni into a paper cup and place it in the bento box.
  • Repeat the same process with hourensou no gomaae.
  • Place dashimaki tamago in front of the dishes.
  • Place the shiso leaf to separate the salmon and Tamago, to avoid the mixing of flavors.
  • Place the grilled salmon in the bento box like this.
  • Add the cherry tomato to fill the gap and add a bright color.
  • Sprinkle some goma-shio over the rice to add a color and savory flavor.
  • Put umeboshi at the center of the rice as a final touch. The sour taste helps with your appetite, it can also be used as a preservative.


  • Enjoy creating your own idea of bento!

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