Karaage Bento

Karaage Bento

Choosing a bento box is part of the pleasures of making bento. I usually decided what I make as the main dish first. Next, I start to think about which bento box I use.

This time, I chose this hexagonal bento box made of bamboo skin.

This is my favorite.

This kind of bento box represents a traditional Japanese atmosphere, even if I prepare casual dishes. It’s so convenient since making traditional Japanese dishes are time-consuming.

I prepared very casual and common dishes,
Tori no karaage and potato salad, (here are links for those recipes)

and some ingredients, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, lemon, green leaves, and I just pinned some defrosted edamame to add a nice touch to the presentation.

I also made some small onigiri. These are very convenient for packing into a bento box.
In Japan, there are many products that you can season white rice with.

When using them, you can enjoy different flavors at the same time and above all, it’s time-saving for a busy morning.

This is my favorite flavor called “Yukari” which is powder made from red shiso leaves.

Yukari can be used for both formal and casual dishes. You’ll probably see me use it often in my recipes.

The way to shape these onigiris is pretty simple. Add Yukari to rice and stir. Wrap the rice with plastic wrap and make them like below.

I made two flavors of onigiri for this bento. These are very convenient for packing a bento box and they make your bento colorful.

Although, you might remember the tips for making bento from one of my other bento recipes, let’s do a quick review in case you don’t know.

  • The dish for bento should be delicious when it gets cold.
  • Don’t use perishable food.
  • Hot food spoils quickly, so be sure to allow it to cool completely before packing.
  • Don’t use food that contains a lot of moisture.
  • Try to add colorful food, especially red, green and yellow colors to make your bento appetizing.
  • Filling in the gaps is important to keep your bento neat. Prepare small food to fill in the gaps.

You can see my way of packing a bento box in this video. Please create your own bento style!

Thank you for allowing me to share my bento idea with you. I hope to see you again soon!

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