I’m going to introduce you to a nice sushi restaurant that you should definitely add to your list of places to visit when you’re in Tokyo.

Lately, I learned how to make authentic sushi from a specialized chef there. The chef, Nobu-san and his wife, Kaya-san run a restaurant in Naka-Meguro which is located two steps from Shibuya station.
Besides serving delicious sushi to customers at his restaurant, he sometimes provides sushi classes for international tourists.

On the day that I attended Nabu-san’s class all of his students were Japanese. However, no one makes nigirizushi (sushi shaped by hand) at home because it’s not a home dish here in Japan. For us, authentic nigirizushi is a special dish that only skilled sushi chefs can make.

Nigirizushi Nobu-san made

This is different from the sushi which you can buy at supermarkets or convenience stores. These chefs carefully select the ingredients for their sushi.
Sushi rice (cooked rice flavored with vinegar, sugar, etc) grasped by professionals is fluffy and doesn’t fall apart when you hold it.
We are always hoping to learn how to make authentic sushi from a professional sushi chef.

In that class, the chef, Nobu-san first taught us the history of sushi.

He explained the ingredients,

Showed us how to make nigirizushi from a chunk of tuna.

These are the sushi I made following his instructions.

He also taught us a professional way of making makizushi (roll sushi). Although makizushi is commonly made at home, I was able to learn some tips I didn’t know before.

I was impressed with Nabu-san’s technique when he used a brush to lightly apply the soy sauce to the sushi. I don’t enjoy having to much soy sauce on my sushi.

I was very happy wearing a uniform. Do I look like a sushi chef to you? or maybe an apprentice?

His restaurant is in a quiet residential area although it takes only 8 minutes on foot to get there from Nakameguro station. The entrance is very simple that you may perhaps pass by it.

It’s clean and neat inside. Nobu-san and Kaya-san are very warm and friendly. They’ve made a comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant. You should feel relaxed.

There’s one wooden counter with 7 chairs surrounding the kitchen.

You can watch him closely while he’s making sushi, and enjoy chatting with the friendly chef, Nobu-san when you visit there either as a student or customer.

You can book his sushi class here.

The information about his restaurant is here.

I truly hope you’ll enjoy sushi with Nobu-san!

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